System Overview

Our handset, modular drophead system features lightweight aluminum beams capable of shoring up to 24'7" (7.5m)* tall and framing up to 16" (400 mm) thick slabs without supplemental shores. *Heights above 21'4" (6.5 m) achieved with 1 m extension.

Ground Based 1.png
Cantilever 1.jpg
Cantilever 2.jpg

Ground-Based Installation 

Eliminates fall hazards and requires as few as two workers to install.

Safe Cantilevered Perimeter Walkway 

Includes easy drop-in 60" (1.5 m) Guardrail Posts, and the Safety Catch prevents uplift and the positioner utilizes the T-Bolt slot in the beam to provide a positive connection between the shore and the beam.

A pair of aluminum T-Shoes can extend the cantilever an additional 3' (0.9 m).

Drophead 1.png
Drophead 2.png

Quick-Release Drophead 

Allows for safe and early removal of Main and Secondary Beams.


TITAN’s balanced loads save time and money by eliminating double handling and excess equipment storage. Each truck comes equipped with everything you need to get started, including easily verifiable field counts and stacking standards. Simply unload and get to work.

  • Quality Assurance—Each barella is fully inspected to ensure both quality and safety.

  • Simple Handling—Wheels are provided to allow all carts to be quickly and easily transported on the job site.



  1. Secure the first few shores with tripods and hang the Main Beams from the Dropheads.

  2. Raise the Main Beam with the Shore/Drophead into position.

  3. Begin installing the Secondary Beams. 

  4. Install Column Lock and other required braces.

  5. Once sufficient framing is secured, plywood can be installed to achieve a pour-ready system.


  1. Release Dropheads with a hammer. These quick-release Dropheads allow for removal of framing members as early as one day after the pour in accordance with ACI 301 section
  2. Remove Main Beams and Secondary Beams and place them in the barellas. These beams can be cycled to floors above, requiring less equipment overall.
  3. Shores can be removed once a stripping release is obtained and reset as a reshore.