Our Products

TITAN provides some of the most unique formwork and framing systems available with lightweight and ready to install systems. Compared to a conventional "stick" style or 20k scaffold system, TITAN's systems are capable of saving up to 45% of traditional labor, significantly reducing costs and injuries. 


HV & XL Shoring System

A cutting-edge handset, modular drophead concrete slab shoring system featuring lightweight aluminum beams, shoring up to 24'7" (7.5 m).

Cummings 150901 03 PS.jpg

MAX Shoring System

Our 20k aluminum concrete slab shoring system is intended to carry heavier loads and decks over 20' (6.1m).

Outrigger Platform.jpg

Outrigger Platform (OP)

Our lightweight and fully assembled platform enables efficient material handling with a crane.

What’s New

Find out about new innovative products from Titan’s R&D department designed to help builders succeed.