Bracing & Stability

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Column Lock.png
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Column Lock  

The all-new Column Lock™ utilizes TITAN’s patent pending asymmetrical design to save time, labor costs, and materials. Weighing only 5.5 lbs, it can be installed in minutes and allows for final deck grading after installation. When installed, it has a lateral capacity of 4,000 lbs (2.5:1 FS), achieving ACI recommended 2% dead load capacity without reliance on x-braces or plywood sheeting. One Column Lock™ pair replaces up to eleven 3-post x-braces, saving time and money on shoring system setup and improving overall floor access. 

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Drophead Clamp.png

Drophead Clamp  

Allows one ground-based worker to install braces to shores up to 14' without a ladder or scissor lift


Universal Wedge Clamp  

“One-size-fits-all” tool designed to brace 2x4’s to all TITAN shores and other shoring systems

XL Ledger.png
HV Ledger.png

Universal Tripod  

Ensures lateral stability while erecting shores, even on sloped surfaces using the adjustable leg

XL & HV Ledger  

Used for stability while erecting the first few posts and can be installed quickly by just one worker