Celebrating Safety

This year’s Safety Week is May 7-11 2018, and Titan Formwork Systems takes immense pride in the safety of our ground-based shoring equipment. Our goal each time we begin a job is to help our clients safely achieve the highest quality results, and ensure every man and woman goes home in the same condition in which they arrive. Our unique system is designed to prevent falls, and lightweight to prevent strain and dropping. Because we aim to be leaders in shoring safety, each of our representatives are thoroughly trained in all updated OSHA and state safety requirements. To celebrate safety week, we compiled several tips from our representatives in the field to get your jobs done safely and efficiently:

  • Wear gloves at all times to avoid hand injuries.
  • Ensure the Drophead wedge is engaged with a light hammer tap prior to installation to avoid accidental disengagement.
  • Keep the floors free from debris to ensure smooth movement of rolling Barella carts.
  • Keep Barella carts close to the work area to avoid unnecessary equipment handling.
  • Ensure bracing, safety catches and guardrails are completely installed prior to sheeting the deck.
  • Utilize our 60” Guardrail post (42” industry standard) to improve fall hazard protection particularly when working near lower exterior beam soffits.
 May 2018: The Montreux Apartments, located in Phoenix, Arizona, depicts a work area clear of debris.

May 2018: The Montreux Apartments, located in Phoenix, Arizona, depicts a work area clear of debris.

2018 Drophead Clamp Launches

Titan is proud to introduce the Drophead Clamp, a new product development in 2018. The recently tested and approved Drophead Clamp braces shores much faster than traditional methods, allowing for a smoother erection process. It will require only one ground-based worker to properly install the x-brace without the need for ladders or scissor lifts for shores up to 14’0”. The device will also reduce the number of ladder or scissor lift positions required for installation of taller decks.

Titan recently field tested these devices on select jobsites. The product was well-received by the crews and orders were placed on the spot.

If your team would like to work with our new device, please contact your representative or email info@titanformwork.com to schedule a delivery.


20 Years of New Heights

In 1998, TITAN began as a small endeavor, launched by current president David Bacon. Backed by The Heico Companies, an investment grade organization, David and his team were able to seize the opportunity and develop a business in the dynamic market of concrete shoring. Entering the market, TITAN offered something most companies at the time did not--  the promise to “Equip Builders to Succeed” with on-time balanced loads, on-site training, and simple ground-based shoring solutions. In December 1998, TITAN sold its first job; a Hilton Garden Inn, in Mountain View, California. Since then, TITAN has outfitted over 2,000 projects and boasts nearly 6 million square feet of shoring and currently services over 200 active jobs per month throughout North America and Brazil. TITAN’s robust team includes seasoned account executives, motivated regional sales representatives, and fully-trained engineers. We have had immense success hiring exceptional talent to support our rapid growth each year. Our in-house research and development team works diligently to develop state-of-the-art equipment that fiercely competes with the most innovative designs in the market. With several patents and more in the pipeline, TITAN strives to generate best-in-class solutions for our customers to get the job done safely and efficiently. We look forward to many more years of building relationships with some of the world’s most prominent concrete contractors and upholding our mission statement to the fullest.

 April 2018: 1134 Fulton Street, located in New York City, NY.

April 2018: 1134 Fulton Street, located in New York City, NY.