Why 60" Guardrail Posts?


Safety first! TITAN leads the way with a drop-in style 60” Guardrail post that exceeds the 42” OSHA standard to address safety after a deck pour when dealing with thick slabs, pan slabs and/or spandrel beams. A worker standing on the concrete slab at the building edge following the pour can unknowingly be in harm’s way when protected only by a standard 42” guardrail. As an example, a 29” deep pan slab would require a walkway over 36” wide in order to maintain OSHA’s 39” minimum arc measurement after the deck pour. Thinner slabs when coupled with narrower walkways can create potential violations as well.

Building wider walkways to accommodate this minimum arc measurement is a costly solution for the contractor. TITAN’s engineering team recognizes these challenges and has developed standards to optimize walkway width to ensure worker safety and cost efficiency using our standard 60” device. Why increase costs or risk worker safety with a 42” guardrail?

We are Equipping Builders to Succeed safely!