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How lateral stability innovations can save you time and money

The goal with every job is to save time and money while maintaining a safe work environment. One simple way to accomplish both efficiency and safety is in the selection of tools used to generate lateral stability. Lateral stability refers to the capability of an object to bear a load while still maintaining its original structure. Lateral stability is achieved by using bracing specifically designed to help lateral loads resist external forces. As inadequate bracing was found to be one of the leading causes of shoring failure in a 2014 study*, the importance of selecting the proper tools to generate lateral stability cannot be overstated.

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Celebrating Safety Week

This year’s Safety Week is May 7-11 2018, and Titan Formwork Systems takes immense pride in the safety of our ground-based shoring equipment. Our goal each time we begin a job is to help our clients safely achieve the highest quality results, and ensure every man and woman goes home in the same condition in which they arrive. Our unique system is designed to prevent falls, and lightweight to prevent strain and dropping. Because we aim to be leaders in shoring safety, each of our representatives are thoroughly trained in all updated OSHA and state safety requirements. To celebrate safety week, we compiled several tips from our representatives in the field to get your jobs done safely and efficiently:

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