2nd and PCH Project: Long Beach, California

Column Lock.png

Since the official introduction of TITAN’s patent pending Column Lock in August 2018, the tool has proved to be a valuable commodity on job sites. Its ability to easily and effectively brace shoring while also providing increased access to the deck significantly cuts down on labor, saving clients both time and money. One such example of the lock’s success can be seen in its use on the job site, 2nd and PCH.

2nd and PCH is expected to be a commercial building, occupying approximately 100,000 square feet of the scenic Pacific Coast Highway in Long Beach, California. Although still a work-in-progress, builders report that the Column Lock has been an enormous asset throughout this lengthy process. Derek Boullt, Carpenter Foreman of the 2nd and PCH project, describes how the lock has brought both ease and efficiency to the job site.  

“The installation of the lock is very easy and basic,” says Boullt. “It provides open drive lanes during framing, erection and placing of the concrete. It holds framing and plumbing square while loading the deck with plywood, eliminating the need to add extra bracing to prevent pushing the framing out of line.”

“The biggest plus is that it doesn’t constrict the grading of the deck. With bracing, we had to remove timber clamps to be able to adjust poles.”

As the lock continues to help the 2nd and PCH crew see the project through to its successful completion, TITAN fully expects the lock to be used on most of its job sites in the near future.