Beams & Shoring

The TITAN HV system is up to 45% more productive than the standard 20k concrete shoring system. The lightweight aluminum members are easy to install and minimize crane requirements. A two-person crew is fully capable of installing an entire deck. The interlocking members eliminate cutting or lapping, and there is no costly make-up or assembly required.


HV & XL Shores

HV Shores
Steel shores capable of shoring up to 18'10" (5.8m).

XL Shores
Our 25k lightweight, modular and all-aluminum shore is capable of single post shore heights up to 24'7" (7.5m). *Heights above 21'4" (6.5 m) achieved with 1 m extension.


The uniform length of the primary and secondary beams provides the ability to turn the system wherever needed to continue the flow of work.