Welcome to TITAN

TITAN Formwork Systems is committed to equipping builders to succeed by providing the lightest, safest and most versatile framing system in its class. With the cutting-edge TITAN HV, TITAN MAX and TITAN XL shoring systems, TITAN's flexible, handset and modular slabforming equipment can support your heaviest and most detailed projects, and is available for sale or rental.

Since its founding in 1998, TITAN has established a dominant reputation in the industry. TITAN services a variety of client projects worldwide by providing engineered layout drawings, equipment management services, on-site training and on-time delivery. TITAN's vast inventory is supported by dependable and experienced local sales staff.

Our Promise:

"We measure our success by that of our client's. To that end, we offer the most efficient shoring systems, engineering expertise, responsive field service and innovative research and development to position you better in the market and improve your profitability. We understand construction, the unforeseen situations, the deadlines, the changes, and the pressure to perform. Our team is readily available to assist in each unique situation in a professional manner. We look forward to the exciting future of the industry, and promise to make your building experience a smooth one."

- David Bacon, President of TITAN Formwork Systems


We understand construction, the unforseen situations, the deadlines, the changes, and the pressure to perform.