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TITAN HV is a handset, modular drophead system featuring lightweight aluminum beams, capable of shoring up to 24'7" (7.5 m) and framing up to 16" (400 mm) thick slabs without supplemental shores.

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  • Comprehensive project and pricing analysis prior to the job start.

  • Accurate engineered and color-coded shop drawings, complete with P.E. stamp.

  • Onsite training to help your team have a safe and efficient experience.


Our shoring solutions can easily accommodate irregularities and interruptions:

  • Up to 45% more productive than the standard 20k shoring.

  • The lightweight aluminum members are easy to install and minimize crane requirements.

  • As few as a two-man crew is fully capable of installing an entire deck.

  • The interlocking members eliminate cutting or lapping
  • No costly makeup or assembly required.




TITAN's balanced loads save time and money by eliminating double handling and excess equipment storage. Simply unload the truck into the work area and get to work.

BALANCED TRUCKLOADS -  with easy to verify field counts and stacking standards. Everything you need to start is included on the truck.

IN GOOD WORKING ORDER - and fully inspected for quality and safety. Installation ready, just add wheels.

EASY MATERIAL HANDLING - with wheels provided for all stackable/rolling barella carts and baskets.

Erection Process

  1. Secure the first few shores with tripods and hang the Main Beams from the Dropheads.

  2. After this is done, simply raise the Main Beam with the Shore/Drophead into position.

  3. Once Main Beams are erected, begin installing the Secondary Beams.

  4. Finally, when sufficient framing is erected, bracing and plywood are installed to achieve a pour-ready system.


  1. TITAN's quick-release Drophead allows for removal of framing members as early as one day after the pour.

  2. The system can be cycled, requiring less framing equipment. TITAN framing shores can stay behind for use as reshores.

  3. The Drophead eliminates falling materials typically associated with stripping operations, making it safer and easier to recover framing members.
  4. TITAN equipment loads directly in and out of Barellas, never hitting the ground.