Taking you to new heights

XL will take your project to new heights. Our aluminum shoring system can carry heavy loads and decks up to 24'7" (7.5 m).



  • LIGHTWEIGHT/ Aluminum shore can carry loads up to 22kips and reach decks up to 23'9" 
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION/ A fully extended shore can be raised in place from the ground by one person
  • TITAN HV COMPATIBLE/ Works seamlessly with all TITAN systems. Can reach decks up to 24'7" with TITAN HV Drophead


1. Lightweight aluminum inner and outer shore

2. Quick-release capable of dropping full shore loads with a single hammer blow

3. Claw hammer lug for easy adjustment of loads up to 3kips without special tools

4. Self-cleaning thread and smooth action nut drops 12" with single spin

5.  Laser etched tape measure (imperial and metric) for easy grading