our products:


Our handset, modular drophead system features lightweight aluminum capable of shoring up to 18'10" (5.8 m).


Our 20k aluminum shoring system carries heavier loads and decks over 20'0" (6.1 m).


Our aluminum shoring system can carry heavy loads and decks up to 24'8" (7.5 m)


Our lightweight and fully assembled platform enables efficient material handling with a crane.


TITAN provides one of the most unique framing systems available with its lightweight and ready to install system. Compared to a conventional "stick" style or 20k scaffold system, TITAN's system is capable of saving up to 45% of traditional labor, significantly reducing costs and injuries. Here's how it works:

EFFICIENCY/ A simple process that calls for significantly less labor.

  • Trucks arrive at the project site with a complete system prepared for immediate installation. Equipment comes packed neatly on mobile, pre-assembled Barella carts for simple handling and rigging on site. Workers simply break the bands, add wheels to the carts and the TITAN HV shores and beams are ready to install.
  • A small crew can typically install 3,000-5,000 sq ft. of framing per day (275-475 m).
  • System design allows for wide-open bays and easy lateral movement of equipment. Our simplified plywood layout with interlocking (instead of lapping) framing members eliminates the need for staggering to accommodate varying layouts.
  • After the pour, TITAN's Drophead feature allows for early beam removal and reduces the equipment required to complete a project.

SAFETY/ A system designed for physical and financial security. 

  • Ground-based installation process protects crews from fall hazards implicit in systems that require a ladder or raised access for installation.
  • Lightweight aluminum beams and mobile Barella carts mitigate lifting and handling related injuries.
  • A pre-engineered simple span modular design of the TITAN HV system avoids accidental member overloads. 
  • For perimeter fall-restraint, TITAN HV is equipped with unique "drop-in" stye guardrail posts.
  • Additional features include Safety Catches that resist uplift at cantilever conditions and Dropheads, which alleviate falling material hazards.

VERSATILITY/ A system prepared for challenge.

  • TITAN's careful engineering has primed the system to accommodate virtually any project size and layout.
  • Best-in-class filler solution allows 4x4 wood members to supply adjustable support to aluminum beams. 
  • Modular design of TITAN HV eliminates cutting, lapping, or using multi-length members.
  • Two-way framing eliminates common start/stop interruptions associated with framing direction changes.

Our equipment arrives neatly stacked and bound on mobile barella carts for easy material handling.